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Innovation, Strategic Execution, and Leadership Development Programs for the Public and Private Sector

The Institute for Leadership Development in Africa (ILD) was founded in the public interest to instill the leadership mindset and behaviors needed to enhance the capacity of individuals, teams, and organizations to address the local and global challenges they face.

ILD recognizes that today’s complex challenges require people, at all levels of the organization, to work across disciplines, and create new knowledge as they integrate learning into the everyday execution of strategy. Partnering globally with a network of top-ranked universities, governments, international development agencies, foundations and corporations, ILD promotes collaboration and fosters the collective learning needed to improve lives through the creation of sustainable solutions to urgent social and economic challenges.

Working in countries throughout Africa to advance education and economic development, ILD’s leadership development approach emphasizes developing the whole person and personal mastery as the primary competence and prerequisite for authentically influencing, empowering, and engaging others to achieve sustainable results. This approach cultivates an environment conducive to individual, team, and organizational learning, and is the foundation for growing the next generation of leaders.

Towards this end, programs developed by ILD synthesizes theory and experiential learning together with unparalleled program content to develop participants’ insight, team building competencies, influencing capacity, and their ability to engage and empower others. Based on adult learning principles, our programs promote critical thinking, the ability to communicate effectively, and innovate and solve problems, applying negotiation and collaboration strategies when needed to achieve “win-win” outcomes. Our Programs are designed to instill both a mindset and the needed behavioral competencies and implementation tools to enable participants to better address the increasingly complex regional challenges they face in a context where globally, successful governments require the capability to address complex contemporary challenges by negotiating and working with an active citizenry rather than by imposing solutions.


Our Future, Our Plan – NPC
December 2016 South Africa
Stanford lecturer Bill Cockayne and Barlow Manilal, CEO of Technology Innovation Agency discuss disruptive innovation and competitiveness.
Minister Naledi Pandor speaking at Globalization of Higher Education Conference.

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