Community of Expert Advisors

  • Daniel Altman
    Daniel Altman Dalberg Global Development Advisors
    • Professor Louise Vincent
      Professor Louise Vincent M.Phil.; D.Phil. Oxford University - Political and International Studies - Rhodes University
      • Holger Heims
        Holger Heims CEO - Falcon
        • Andile Ramaphosa
          Andile Ramaphosa Manager - Macquarie First South
          • Robert Blackwell Jr.
            Robert Blackwell Jr. CEO - Electronic Knowledge Interchange
            • Ambassador Herman J. “Hank” Cohen
              Ambassador Herman J. “Hank” Cohen President - Cohen and Woods
              • Kevin Pamensky
                Kevin Pamensky Head of New Markets - Private Wealth Management - Emerging Markets Region Goldman Sachs – London
                • Fred Swaniker
                  Fred Swaniker Founder & CEO - African Leadership Academy
                  • Dr. Michele Ruiters
                    Dr. Michele Ruiters Regional Programmes - Development Bank of South Africa
                    • Zachary Pessin
                      Zachary Pessin Principal - Distributed Capital Group - New York
                      • Ambassador Yacoob Abba Omar
                        Ambassador Yacoob Abba Omar Director Operations - MISTRA
                        • Steven G. Mahon
                          Steven G. Mahon Senior Vice President - General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer - MTS Systems
                          • Professor Johannes W. Fedderke
                            Professor Johannes W. Fedderke Pennsylvania State University - Director Economic Research Southern Africa - University of Cape Town
                            • Millard Arnold
                              Millard Arnold Strategic Advisor
                              • Alvin Crawford
                                Alvin Crawford Knowledge Delivery Systems
                                • Prof Rukudzo Murapa
                                  Prof Rukudzo Murapa Director - Africa
                                  • Rudyard W. Ceres
                                    Rudyard W. Ceres Managing Partner - BP Law Group, LLP - New York, NY
                                    • Prof Robert Tobias
                                      Prof Robert Tobias American Univeristy
                                      • Prof David Rice
                                        Prof David Rice New York University - Africa Advisor Milken Institute
                                        • Dr. Ruth Zaplin
                                          Dr. Ruth Zaplin American University
                                          • Michael Serino
                                            Michael Serino Executive Director of Human Capital Development - Cornell University / ILR School
                                            • Kgosie Matthews
                                              Kgosie Matthews Managing Director - Fordworks and Associates
                                              • Dr. Robert Burke
                                                Dr. Robert Burke George Washington University
                                                • J. Peter Pham
                                                  J. Peter Pham Director - Michael S. Ansari Africa Center at the Atlantic Council
                                                  • Prof Jean Johnson
                                                    Prof Jean Johnson George Washington University
                                                    • Terry Gips
                                                      Terry Gips President - Sustainability Associates
                                                      • Dr. Tamara Carleton
                                                        Dr. Tamara Carleton Innovation Leadership Board
                                                        • Ernest Green
                                                          Ernest Green Matrix Advisors
                                                          • Peter Tichansky
                                                            Peter Tichansky Business Council for International Understanding
                                                            • Dr. Paul Walker
                                                              Dr. Paul Walker Thomson Reuters GFMS
                                                              • Vin Weber
                                                                Vin Weber Humphrey School of Public Affairs
                                                                • Sean Kershaw
                                                                  Sean Kershaw Executive Director - Citizens League
                                                                  • Morris L. Reid
                                                                    Morris L. Reid Mercury
                                                                    • Prof Jack Hirschowitz
                                                                      Prof Jack Hirschowitz Clinical Professor Psychiatry - Mt Sinai Hospital
                                                                      • Corey N. Martin
                                                                        Corey N. Martin Partner - Loeb & Loeb - New York
                                                                        • Prof Fanie Cloete
                                                                          Prof Fanie Cloete Department of Public Governance - University of Johannesburg
                                                                          • Minette Coetzee
                                                                            Minette Coetzee Assoc. Prof. of Child Nurses Practice Development - University of Cape Town
                                                                            • Claudia Dengler
                                                                              Claudia Dengler Board of Directors - Government Training Services
                                                                              • Jonathan Jacobs
                                                                                Jonathan Jacobs PA Consulting Group
                                                                                • Kristi Rudelius-Palmer
                                                                                  Kristi Rudelius-Palmer Human Rights Center Director - Humphrey Fellowship Program Director - Adjunct Professor of Law - University of Minnesota Law School
                                                                                  • Dr. Patrick S. Malone
                                                                                    Dr. Patrick S. Malone Executive-in-Residence - Department of Public Administration and Policy - School of Public Affairs - American University
                                                                                    • Reza Bundy
                                                                                      Reza Bundy